General conditions

General conditions for an online reservation and for buying railway tickets by paying on the Internet

1. For making an online reservation and for buying railway tickets in the Internet, each customer must register in the system for payment, receiving a user name and a password for access, as well as a user profile in which he/she may find the contents and the chronology of his/her orders. Obligatory data during registration is: the names according to the identity document of the person shown as “passenger” and a valid e-mail address for correspondence. After a successful registration, a confirmation thereof is sent to the customer’s e-mail address and he/she is provided with a user name and a password. The password can be changed by the customer through his/her user profile.

2. The use of online railway tickets is provided solely to a customer expressly shown as “passenger” in the purchase order. The customer using his/her credit card to effect the payment and the passenger himself/herself may be two different persons.

3. The following types of tickets may be ordered online: regular tariff tickets; tickets with a discount against a document entitling a reduction; return tickets at discount prices valid on certain lines, return tickets, return tickets for fast trains with an obligatory reservation;

4. After the payment, a voucher (an online railway ticket) is sent to the customer’s e-mail; the voucher must be printed and shown to the transportation personnel for checking and validation during the use of the transportation service. Upon producing the voucher for a check and validation, the passenger is obliged to also show an identity document (an identity card/a passport/a driver’s license, etc.).

5. For the customer to have access to the reservation of a bed (or a couchette) in a coach property of BDZ, it is obligatory for the order to show the National ID No (Bulgarian “ЕГН”) – for Bulgarian citizens, or the number of the identity document with which the traveling is to take place (for non-Bulgarians).

6. For the customer to have access to purchasing a discounted ticket, it is obligatory for him/her to state the type and the number of the railway pass within term of validity, whereby the pass entitles him/her to such a discount.

7. To be able to print the voucher, the customer must have the Adobe Reader software installed on his/her computer.

8. To make the payment, the customer must possess a valid credit or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD)

9. If a customer would like to receive an invoice, he/she must declare this when sending the order for an online reservation along with making the payment.

10. The customer has the right to cancel the reservation up to 24 hours before the hour of departure of the scheduled train by sending an e-mail order. The full refund amount will be remitted into the customer’s bank’s account. The order may only be sent through the registered e-mail address.

11. The customer may cancel online an already paid reservation and an already purchased ticket, without any amounts to be withheld, should the carrier be unable to render the transportation service or if he fails to execute the order. The cancellation order may only be sent through the registered e-mail address.

12. The customer is entitled to claims concerning the transportation service in accordance with the carrier’s Conditions for Refunds after a Claim Made. The order is sent either through the registered e-mail address, or by standard mail, or personally.

13. For every request for a refund, an email letter is sent to the customer’s email address containing the result of its review and the amount to be refunded.

14. By an online reservation order, two-way tickets may be bought only with a fixed date, train, coach and seat also for the inbound journey. Buying a reservation is obligatory in both directions.

15. Access to online reservations and for buying railway tickets will be opened 30 days before the date of traveling and will be closed 24 hours before the departure of the scheduled train.

16. Using one online order, a customer may make a reservation for seats and tickets for not more than 5 people. Every passenger will receive a separate voucher with its own unique number.

17. The customer is entitled to carrying with him/her up to 30 kg of hand luggage free of charge; it must not cause inconvenience to the other passengers, must not pollute the railcars and must have a size that is suitable for placing it on the rack over the passenger’s seat.

18. Contacts

Phone: +359 889 07 11 39
E-mail: onlineticket@bdz.bg

About the service

Online ticketing system enabling passengers to make online reservations and buy railway tickets by paying with a credit card on the Internet is a pilot project with a restricted scope and functions. It is part of the integrated information system that is to be built.

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