About the service 

The service enabling passengers to make online reservations and buy railway tickets by paying with a credit or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) on the Internet is a pilot project with a restricted scope and functions. It is part of the integrated information system that is to be built.

In the first (pilot) stage, this Online Reservation and Ticketing System encompasses: 
Fast train with booked seat :

• Sofia - G. Oryahovitsa - Varna ( train 2601) - moves daily; on Saturday the ticket price is higher

• Varna - G. Oryahovitsa - Sofia (train 2602) - moves daily; on Monday the ticket price is higher

• Sofia - Karlovo - Bourgas (train 3601) - moves on Friday and the price of the tickets is higher / exception - on April 25, May 23, September 5 - Thursday will be moving; on April 26, May 24, September 6 - Friday will not move /

• Bourgas - Karlovo - Sofia (train 3602) - moves on Saturday / exception-April 26, May 24, September 6 - Friday will be running, April 27, May 25, September 7 - Saturday will not move /

• Sofia - Plovdiv  - Bourgas (train 8601) - moves daily;on Saturday the ticket price is higher

• Burgas - Plovdiv - Sofia (train 8602) - moves daily;on Sunday the ticket price is higher

• Plovdiv - Varna (train 8631) - moves daily; on Saturday the ticket price is higher

• Plovdiv - Varna (train 8632) - moves daily; on Sunday the ticket price is higher

• Sofia - G. Oryahovitsa ( train 2641) - moves daily; on Friday the ticket price is higher

•  G. Oryahovitsa - Sofia (train 2640) - moves daily; on Monday the ticket price is higher

BDZ reserves the right to accumulate more days off - the days for which are paid for higher ticket prices to change.

Fast train :

• Sofia - G. Oryahovitsa - Varna ( train 2611) - moves daily

• Varna - G. Oryahovitsa - Sofia (train 2612) - moves daily

Fast trains with sleeping coaches:

• Sofia - G. Oryahovitsa - Varna ( train 2627) - moves daily

• Varna - G. Oryahovitsa - Sofia (train  2626) - moves daily

• Sofia - Plovdiv - Burgas (train  8627) - moves daily

• Burgas - Plovdiv - Sofia (train 8626) - moves daily

For a fast train a booked travel ticket plus a seat is issued. For fast trains with sleeping wagons, a booked travel ticket plus a sleeping or travel ticket plus a seat is issued. Tickets are issued for both return and return only between two stations where the train stops. At this stage, there is no option to purchase tickets with two or more train connections.

Information about the carrier (BDZ)

The carrier will publish generally available contact data: e-mail address, telephone number and correspondence address.


 For listed upfront trains, the following types of tickets will be issued:

According to the tariff:

  • Regular

  • Calendar

  • One-way and return

  • City zone

  • Two-way ticket with a discount between certain destinations

  • Special

With applicable discounts for:

  • Adults: men over 63 years and eight months old and women over 60 years and eight months old

  • Children: for children between 7 and 10 full years of age

  • Railway employees with a BDZ Travel Card

  • RPO pass: over 26 years of age

  • Classic pass: over 26 years of age

  • Young people: up to 26 full years of age

  • Person with reduced mobility

  • Student: up to 26 years of age

  • Schoolchild

Entitled to discount travels with "adult" railway passes, railway employees with BDZ travel cards, "person with reduced mobility" passes, "university student" and "student" passes are only Bulgarian citizens and foreign citizens who have a permanent residence in Bulgaria.
Railway passes are issued at the ticketing cash desks in the country against the relevant documents.

Reservations of seats/beds and the payment of a railway ticket are made online through the bdztickets.com Internet site where, after an electronic registration, the customer will be able to place an order for buying a ticket by entering obligatory elements characterizing the service: itinerary, scheduled train, a one-way or a return ticket, date of traveling, type (category) of seat, class, number of passengers, names of the passengers, each according to his/her identity document. In some cases other obligatory additional data will be necessary as well, such as number of the railway pass entitling to a ticket with a discount, if such is shown in the document,. For booking seats/beds in the trains included in the pilot project, buying a reservation (for both directions in the case of a return ticket) is obligatory, irrespective of whether the train has an obligatory reservation or not.

Registration and user profile

Before sending a reservation order, the customer must register through an electronic form available at bdztickets.com. The data necessary for the registration are name, family name, a valid e-mail address and handy phone number. The registration allows the customer to receive a password for access and a user profile in which he/she can find the chronology and the contents of the purchase orders sent by him/her, as well as the whole correspondence related to orders sent for cancellations of trips and confirmations of messages sent to him/her.

Rendering the service

The service is rendered by sending an automatic e-mail message from the system in which, apart from the electronic ticket (voucher) in PDF format, a cancelation link is sent, active up to 24 hours before the hour of departure of the scheduled train, according to the order. Using this link, a cancellation of the service may be made as well as short the relevant information may be given about printing, keeping and showing the ticket for checks by the control authorities in the train. The link also lists the documents which the passenger must show during this check. For every passenger, a separate electronic ticket is provided. If case of a two-way trip, the electronic ticket may either be the same for both directions, or there may be two separate tickets, depending on the specific tariff selected, or a possible reduction. In case of one electronic ticket for both directions, the customer must keep it after the completion of the outbound trip, so that he/she can show it for validation for the inbound trip.

Canceling a service

The customer has the right to cancel an already paid service by a notification through the registered e-mail address up to 24 hours prior to the hour of departure of the relevant train. In this case a refund is made without withholding by the carrier of any parts of the amount paid (this is not valid for transfer fees collected by the customer’s bank). If the customer makes a cancellation after this deadline before the trip or has claims concerning the quality of the service after the trip, he/she has the right to state this. The customer has the right to cancel an already paid service and is entitled to a full refund in case the carrier unilaterally changes any element of the order at any time until the moment of departure of the scheduled train, and also in cases of a delay for more than 30 minutes from the time of departure.

Validation of an electronic ticket

Upon boarding the train the customer is obliged to show the train personnel the printed electronic ticket/voucher (or its screen visualization on a tablet or a smart phone) and his/her ID document, whereby the names in the document and in the electronic ticket must coincide. In case the electronic ticket shows the use of a railway pass with a discount, the customer must provide it to the train personnel. Should a passenger fail to show these documents, he/she will be treated as one without a ticket. The validation of the electronic ticket is performed by the train personnel by issuing a coupon, which becomes an inseparable part of the electronic ticket. The coupon certifies both the use of the service by the passenger and his/her entitlement to insurance during the traveling. When traveling in both directions with one electronic ticket, the customer must keep it and be able to show it also during the inbound journey – during which the electronic ticket will again be validated by the train personnel by issuing another coupon. The customer must keep the coupon until the completion of the trip. The coupon must also be submitted in making a claim concerning the service after the completion of the trip.

Restrictive conditions

Using one electronic order, tickets for a maximum of five passengers may be paid.

Access to reservation and buying an electronic ticket is possible not earlier than 30 days prior to the date of departure and not later than 24 hours from the time of departure of the desired scheduled train. After this deadline, tickets may only be purchased at the cash desks at the stations and at the ticketing offices.

Access to a reservation and for buying an electronic ticket is only possible for direct tickets, i.e., without changing trains and without any itinerary deviations from the 6 pairs of trains listed.

Smoking in the trains is strictly prohibited.

It is obligatory to place an order for a reservation;

Return (two-way) tickets are issued:

  • for the same class of travel in both directions;

  • with the same type of reservation (seat or bed) in both directions;

  • n case of using a discount (against a document entitling a reduction), two separate tickets are issued, one in each direction.

The online ticketing system does not include the following

  • tariff offers:
  • a trip of a small group of people;
  • reduced tickets for weekends/holidays up to 50 km;
  • zone price tickets;
  • regional tickets,
  • seat reservations for children up to 7 years of age,
  • seat reservations when traveling with free tickets,
  • family trips with a discount,
  • pet (dog) tickets,
  • rail passes and cards.

How to buy ticket

  1. Please, select a departure station, an arrival station, and the dates of your traveling.
  2. Please, enter information about the passengers, the discounts and the additional services that you would like to use.
  3. Please, make a reservation/reservations for your trip.
  4. Please, confirm your order.
  5. Please, pay electronically.
  6. Please, print the electronic tickets or download them on separate file on your tablet or smartphone. Have them with you when traveling.
  7. Booking of online tickets is possible up to 30 days in advance.
  8. Access to purchase an online ticket is possible up to 24 hours before the departure time of the selected train.


Working days:
8:00 - 16:45

+359 889-071-139




In this pilot project, the following itineraries are supported:

Sofia  ⇔  Gorna Oryahovitsa ⇔  Varna
Sofia  ⇔  Plovdiv  ⇔  Burgas
Sofia  ⇔  Karlovo  ⇔  Burgas
Sofia  ⇔  Gorna Oryahovitsa
Plovdiv  ⇔  Varna


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